Hello World!

Ya, a pretty lame title to start off my first blog post on my new blog (ya, I have an old blog). But considering this, it is Thursday 8:20 p.m. here at Kuala Terengganu, where I’m now in my sediment-stained lab coat, sitting in front of the lab computer (free hi-speed internet, yay!), writing my first blog post, this is the title you get… haha… jk…


Anyway, really really thank you to you for coming down my blog to read my first post, so hopefully you will stick around as I blog about my life (and perhaps some technical topics too), favorite movies and musics as well as some seriously funny meme I occasionally made for 9gag, yes, undoubtedly, I’m also a casual meme creator, you can see some of my works on 9gag.com.

Alright, guess that is all for my first post? Thank you guys and I can’t wait to write second post soon!

P/S: if you are looking for some musics to entertain yourself, here is one playlist I’m currently listening to. OST of Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 1. ENJOY!